MecnoService projects

Mecno Service’s grinding service can meet the specific requirements of urban (tram and underground), regional, intercity and high-speed transport. The configuration of the grinding machine resulting from the combination of various units allows for a variety of maintenance operations on the longitudinal and diagonal profiles, such as:

Curative, preventive and initial grinding services on vignole rails

Curative, preventive and initial grinding services on grooved rails

Services of curative, preventative and initial grinding on turnouts

Removal of superficial defects (head checks, cracks, etc.)

Our grinding machines are characterized by a reduced noise emission levels and grinding dust suction systems, so they can be used in urban areas, tunnels, and both at day and at night. Also, Mecno Service grinding machines can be used for many gauges (from 950 to 1,668 mm.). The machines can be transported to the work site either autonomously by rail, or by truck or container.


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